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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Zumba has come to Normandy Gym in North Beach!

Hey party people! Now the hottest gym in South Florida brings you the hottest latin fitness movement ever- Zumba is coming to Normandy Gym in North Beach with classes starting on Tuesday 9/28, Tuesdays and Fridays at 10:00am!
What is Zumba, you ask? It's a unique fitness program that fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and a one-of-a-kind movement that will blow you away! The goal? To get you to want to work out-to love it! Zumba fanatics achieve long term benefits while having a blast in one exciting hour of calorie burning, and moves that will really get you going!
Zumba is more than just a workout, it's a movement, and it feels more like a party than exercise, though the benefits are incredible. Much like the already hugely popular workouts at Normandy Gym, where a live DJ spins during the exhilarating hour-long workouts-the new Zumba schedule of classes at Normandy Gym are expected to draw large crowds of people who are looking for a challenging, fun, heart-pumping, and motivating fitness routine that NEVER goes stale!
And for those who already have a gym membership somewhere else-you are STILL welcome and encouraged to try Zumba at the gym for just $12 per class! Special rates will also be available for multiple class packages, or monthly rates for the real Zumba enthusiasts.
So if you live in North Beach or vicinity, and have been looking for a workout that keeps you coming back for more, day after day-the ditch the same old boring workout routine, and join the PARTY with Zumba at the HOTTEST Gym in South Florida-Normandy Gym!
Ample parking is available on site so you'll never have to hassle with finding a parking spot! See you at the gym! 305-865-8570 * 1145 71st Street Miami Beach, FL 33141 * *

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Extraordinary Life Challenge #1- Overcome your Obstacles

Alright Normandy Gym fans, seeing you all, day in, day out, over the past nearly ten years, you've become an extended family to us. So, we're on a mission to get you into the BEST shape of your life, both inside and out! So we're pulling out the big guns, and calling on world famous motivator Tony Robbins to see us through a series of Challenges to "Live an Extraordinary Life!"

All breakthroughs spring from one common thing-an insight. Now to have this insight, you've got to be prepared to ask yourself some tough questions (not to mention, muzzle your ego), and be willing to hear and accept the TRUE answers, stripped of excuses and justifications.

Watching Episode I of Tony Robbins' Breakthroughs on NBC (Tuesdays @ 8pm) or on if you missed it, we saw a newlywed couple have their world devastated on their wedding day, when Frank has an accident at the pool and becomes a quadriplegic. We then see how guilt, exhaustion, anger, and the blame game that ensues, rocks the foundation of their marriage, and how Tony Robbins works with them to overcome these extreme challenges, and turn their lives around.

You know my favorite saying, folks, "perspective is 9/10 of the law" and this episode gave me a shot a reality stronger than an adrenaline shot to the sternum a la "Pulp Fiction." (Remember that scene?) How much about our lives do we complain about every day, how many times do we cry that the sky is falling? How many times do we ask, "Why Me?", that we forget to ask the most important question when life kicks us in the ass, "What now?"

Still, our own problems are REAL to us, and Tony Robbins delivers up the following challenge, #1 of 6 challenges that are meant to help us find breakthroughs in our own patterns, and help us lead extraordinary lives : Please check it the 30 minute video challenge Tony Robbins puts out. It's all about honestly identifying patterns of emotions you live with, and breaking out of the ones that harm you. I look forward to hearing about your own personal breakthrough on this blog's "Comments" section! Remember, you're not alone! See you at the gym! :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Challendge Yourself to an Extraordinary Life!

Challenge Yourself to an Extraordinary Life!

Usually this blog is about your health, your fitness, what you can do to get your body in optimum shape. Of course, that's important. If you are physically strong and healthy, you are better equipped to handle any challenges that come your way-that's a no-brainer.

But what do you do when you still feel a bit out of balance? What happens when you need work, need help on the inside? And I don't mean your heart, your liver, etc., I mean the deep inside. The part you don't show the world, but can't hide from yourself. The part that keeps on going, sometimes without knowing why. The part that searches for meaning in a superficial world. The part that propels you forward, even when life starts throwing things your way that are too hard to handle on your own, and still you feel you are alone...

Then I came across an email in my inbox that I almost discarded- but something told me to check it out this time...I'm really looking forward to it.

Tony Robbins is appearing for 6 weeks on NBC on a series called Breakthroughs. Yeah, yeah. I know. Tony Robbins. Walking on hot coals. Infomercials. "Yes Man" Seminars. But hold on a minute-what's wrong with working to inspire people, to empower them? Have we become so cynical as a society that we regard positive thinkers and do-gooders as "hokey"? Don't we all need someone in our lives that encourages us to be the BEST that we can be? And you know what I always say, "Perspective is 9/10 of the law." Often times, circumstances are beyond our control. But what if we could change the way we look at things? Couldn't that make a world of difference?

I haven't seen any of the episodes in the series yet, but it promises to be an eye-opener. A tear-jerker. A Breakthrough experience. You get the picture.

Here's how it works:

Each week watch the newest episode of Breakthrough with Tony Robbins, Tuesdays 8/7 CST on NBC, (or if you miss any you can watch it on Hulu) and then, go back to their website:

Tony Robbins will post a new personal coaching session for you after every episode airs. In each session he will take the lessons from the show and teach you how to apply them in your own life in a very simple yet powerful way to create your own breakthroughs and use them to help the people you care about.

The sessions will just be 20 -30 minutes each, here, on video, and there's absolutely no charge for this course, it's completely free.

So please check it out, and pass this link on to your friends-

I don't know about you, but I sure could use a breakthrough!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Suffer from these 12 Ailments? You May Need to Detox!

Bad Breath or body odor? Consistently feeling bloated & can't lose weight? Always tired or sluggish, when you should feel fresh and relaxed? ? Do you suffer from frequent allergies? Poor digestion? Wrinkles, or aging symtoms that seem premature to you? Overly dry skin? Chronic infections or colds? Depression? Over-stressed? Bags under your eyes?
You eat alright, and you're working out, right? But still, you don't feel right. What's going on? You're intoxicated, that's what. And no, I don't mean hung over, or drunk, from last night's partying spree. I mean, your body is bogged down and intoxicated, in the literal sense. You see, we're exposing our bodies to different chemicals and toxins every day. On top of that, we're abusing bodies beyond it's normal limits. Not only are there environmental toxins like cadmium, chlorine, pesticides, chloroform, there are harmful preservatives and toxins in the foods we eat. And don't leave out the toxins produced by our own bodies, rounding out the triple threat to our well being-lions and tigers and bears, oh my!
How do we rid ourselves of these harmful substances and jump start our well being? One word- DETOX-the procedure of removing toxic chemicals or poisons that have found ways of entering and remaining in our bodies, which helps reduce and eliminate these damaging impurities. The external toxins? In our food, the water we drink, and air we breathe. The internal toxins? The toxins produced by our bodies, as by products of normal metabolic and digestive processes from our kidneys, liver, lungs and intestines that are working continuously to clean out every cell, organ and tissue. If our bodies are already removing toxins, that should be enough, right? Not anymore, because of the increasing number and frequency of toxins bombarding us. Our organs are overloaded and with time, their ability to purify our bodies is weakened. That's why we need to help cleanse internally by detoxifying on a regular basis. If we don't detox regularly, we allow these toxins to build up inside, which can wreak havoc on us, causing problems like the ones listed above.
What does it entail? Resting. Cleaning and replenishing the body from the inside out. Renewing your body's naturaly ability to cleanse itself. That's more energy for you. A cleaner colon. Cleaner stomach. Cleaner sinuses. Cleaner blood. Sleeping better. More vitality. Improved digestion. Healthier skin, hair and nails. Slow down of aging. Killing free radicals in the body-those devils! Improving your mental functions. Strengthening your body's fight against cancer cells. Beating your cravings/addictions to caffeine and sugar!
And depending on how bad your symptoms are, you can choose among different kinds of detox that may help. There are fasting detox programs, juice fasts, raw vegetable fasts, colon cleansing , fiber/psyillium husk intake, and colon hydrotherapy, to name the most popular. But the purpose of all of them is the same. To help you stay healthy fit, energetic, and youthful, both inside and out!
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Can't Lose Weight? Start Eating MORE!

We hear it all the time. "I'm working out a LOT, but I'm not losing any weight!" This is when we ask what you've been eating, and more often than not, you tell us you're only eating one or two meals a day-and you call that a diet! This is not only wrong, but could be bad for your health for several reasons!
If you're working out hard, your body needs more calories for fuel to keep you going, not less. These "starvation diets" actually produce the opposite of the results you want. You may be stuck in a rut with no weight loss, no matter how hard or often you work out, or you may gain weight, especially fat weight. Why? Because when you starve, your body, clever machine that it is, sends signals out that announce, "Heads up, everyone! We don't know when we're getting another meal, so be sure to store whatever you get (as fat, of course) to keep us going!"
The solution? 5-6 meals a day, spaced out is the common and most widely accepted recommendation. This gives your body a continuous supply of nutrients to use and burn most efficiently throughout the day. If you're eating enough, your body won't need to store any food as fat = you'll be burning more of those unwanted calories!
We know, we know, who has time to eat 5-6 times per day? Well, this is where discipline and proper planning come in. First, have a healthy breakfast-this is your most important meal of the day. And for in between your three square meals per day (yes, you MUST have breakfast, lunch, and dinner!), pre-package a couple of between meal snacks (tuna salad, peanut butter, small sandwich, some nuts, a protein shake- things you can eat at your desk, etc.) Then, have a "sensible" dinner. It is also recommended you make your biggest meal, your lunch meal, and your last heavy meal no later than 7pm. Why? Because you don't want your body to be struggling with digestion when its dormant or inactive (sleeping). If you must have something before bed, try a healthy smoothie or fruit/vegetable shake to tide you over.
Can you drive a car with no gas? Well, the same goes for your body! Keep it fueled for action!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Top 10 Health Hazards of Obesity- Part 3

By now you should see a pattern, or a link between not taking care of your health and maintaining healthy weight, and the potential for illness. If #1-7 were not enough to get you off the couch and into the gym (We started our countdown with the heavies, and you're probably thinking, "really, what are the odds?), here are a few more common and avoidable ailments that can make your life difficult and painful. Not deadly, but still very serious.
8.) Joint Problems- Pain in your knees? Hips? Elbows? Well, that could be excess weight putting extreme pressure on your joints, sometimes causing inflammation-aka arthritis. And the obesity-arthritis link is even stronger for females.
9.) Osteoarthritis- primarily affects the weight- bearing joints of the knees, back. hips, spine, and ankles. This common joint disorder causes the joint bone and cartilage (tissue that protects joints) to wear away. How are these linked to being overweight? Extra weight may place extra pressure on your weight bearing joints and cartilage, like in your knees, causing them to wear away, and hurt when you walk, jog, or jump. Also, if you store more body fat, you may have higher blood levels of substances that cause inflammation. Inflammation at the joints may raise the risk for osteoarthritis. Now, losing just 5% of your body weight may decrease this excessive stress on your knees, hips, and lower back, and lessen overall inflammation in your body. And if you already have osteoarthritis, losing weight may help improve your symptoms.

10.) Back Pain: Excess weight, especially in the abdominal area, can eventually put strain on one of your body's most vulnerable parts- the spine. And of course, ladies, lower back pain is especially common for you if you're overweight. Constant or recurring back pain adversely affects your quality of life. Left unchecked over time, can be very debilitating. And the best treatment for this lower back pain? Yep, you guessed it-weight loss and exercises! As little as 20 lbs (especially around your mid-section) can make a big difference in reducing the heavy load borne by your spine! So the sooner you take off the extra pounds with a slow, sensible weight loss program, the better for your health.
The consensus? You can avoid or eliminate many health ailments by keeping fit and eating right! This is something people think most about at New Year's Resolution time, but taking care of your body is not something you should put off for once per year-or a big event, like a wedding-the quality of your entire life depends on your getting up, getting off that couch, into the gym! Why? Because if you're currently overweight and inactive, you probably don't have the self-motivation to keep you moving. You need an environment that motivates you-pushes you to dig deep and release your inner warrior-think Normandy Gym. And exercising out around other people who are striving towards similar goals can be inspiring- remember the buddy system works! And once you've committed to a regular gym fitness routine, it will be easier then to add on additional activities you might enjoy outside of the gym, like jogging the beach, team sports-whatever you like. Not only will you look amazing in your skinny clothes again, but the most important part of your body (the inside, folks) will thank you.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Top 10 Health Hazards of Being Overweight-Part 2

Okay, yesterday we went over the top 4 health hazards related to obesity, and believe me, my intention is not to frighten you. But obesity is a serious problem in this country, and as much information that's out there about healthy living, the staggering numbers of people suffering from obesity-related illnesses are NOT going down. So let's continue to the next three on our list...
Type 2 Diabetes: When your blood sugar levels are higher than normal-that's diabetes. And high blood sugar is a major cause of coronary artery heart disease, kidney disease, and stroke, amputation, and blindness. On it's own, it's the 6th Leading Cause of death in the U.S. This most common form of diabetes is often linked to obesity because more than 85% of the population with Type 2 Diabetes are overweight. Why? It could be that being overweight causes your cells to change, making them insulin resistant. Because insulin is responsible for carrying sugar to the blood from cells, where it is used for energy, when you are insulin-resistant, your blood sugar can not be taken up by the cells (high blood sugar) . So your cells that produce insulin must work extra hard to try to keep blood sugar levels normal.
The good news? You may lower your risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes by losing as little as 5 to 10 lbs, and increasing your physical activity. And if you already have Type 2 Diabetes, you can help control those blood sugar levels and prevent or delay complications, and may even allow you reduce the amount of diabetes medications you take (ask your doctor)!
Fatty Liver Disease: Did you know that a healthy liver regulates fat metabolism and is the #1 fat-burning organ in the body? And yes, you can do damage to your liver even if you drink little or no alcohol-it's called"non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis" or fatty liver disease. This occurs when fat builds up in the liver cells causing injury and inflammation in the liver. And people who have diabetes are "pre-diabetes" are more likely to have fatty liver disease. Are you starting to see a pattern? Now, losing weight and increasing physical activity can help you control sugar levels and fat deposits, possibly giving your liver a break. And did you know if you have fatty liver disease, you should avoid drinking alcohol?
But you CAN reverse the damage, if you're willing to dedicate yourself to your health! When the liver has become a fat storage organ rather than a fat burning organ - this situation must be reversed gradually before actual weight loss can occur. You have to detox your liver to allow it to work normally again-drink plenty of water and raw vegetable juices. It may take weeks or a month or two. Don't be discouraged at this time - the fat loss is occurring - but is going from within your liver so you may not see any visible fat loss from the body - stick with it! It took years to develop the fatty liver, just can't be reversed in a couple weeks. Exercise! Exercise! (Again, at Normandy Gym, you've got that covered) and proper nutrition (go back and read my blogs) and your body will bounce back!
Gallbladder Disease: Ever had gallstones? The Gallbladder sits right below the liver, and is the storage tank for bile- a substance that breaks down fats from the food you eat for use by the body. This bile can be made up of cholesterol, lecithin, calcium, bile salts, acids and waste materials among other things. When the bile salts and cholesterol get out of balance with each other gall stones can form. They cause lots of pain, especially after consuming fatty foods. If you're overweight you may be consuming and producing more cholesterol, and have an enlarged gallstone that doesn't work properly, or in other words, can not break down the fats you're eating-very bad. What can you do? MODERATE, SLOW weight loss can of about 1/2 to 2 lbs per week is less likely to cause gallstones, and achieving a healthy weight may lower your risk for developing gallstones.
Again, heredity may play an important role in whether or not you develop gallstones. But it's incredible to note that so many of the health risks our bodies suffer from are related to the foods we eat, and our level of activity-two things that are 100% within our control!